Tuesday, 19 February 2013


So, I was blessed in having the chance to read the first Chapter in the up an coming Paranormal series titled  True Connections by Rachel Walter, and I must say WOW! I don't think I've ever come across a piece of writing that I actually liked, just by the first chapter, but this story has got me hooked! LIKE A FISH!
 The characters are to die for. These characters seem like actual people, not just voices that constantly yell at Rachel, on a daily basis. I feel like I can relate to them, and not just one of them, but all of them. They all seem to bring something different and refreshing to the table, and I like that.
   I cannot wait for this book to be published! You my friends will not be disappointed by this novel. I know I for sure won't be. Rachel Walter has an amazing mind, and an awesome writing style. While reading the first Chapter I felt as if I were standing right there next to Jaz during EVERYTHING!

    Come on Rachel. Get this book published already!

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  1. I know right! I'm so glad she let you read the first chapter. She doesn't believe me when I say that this book is going to be awesome. She holds your opinion highly so I'm glad you felt the same way we all do. Maye now she'll believe how truly awesome TC is going to be and how amazing she is.

  2. Awe YAY! That is so awesome. Can't wait for Rachel to finish TC! Totally following you now too because of your love and support for her ;)

  3. Love you Chris, Dani and Chele!
    Chris, as you know, this totally made me cry. I'm so glad that you loved it and I can't wait to share it with everyone else :)