Monday, 27 April 2015

I have sort of been M.I.A.

There is really no excuse as to why I've been missing in action for the past little while, but I am here to fill you in on what has been happening.

I've recently moved out of the place I was in, and in with one of my best friends from back home. It wasn't a big change, just a few blocks down the road. It's a healthier way of living, now.

My laptop was destroyed. Beyond repair. Nothing was saved, but before it did break I was able to email myself what I had from my story. Then I forgot my password to my email. Just my luck. Thankfully, I was able to recovery the account, so I once again have my story on hand.

Still without a computer, I have taken back to writing some stuff long hand. I've also starting jotting down some notes for a new story, I'll follow you all in later on.

I've been reading quite a bit more, mostly traditionally published authors. Waiting for my indie authors to release more novels for me to dive into. Have not been able to post much on anywhere because my phone was broken and I was using a loaner phone that was outdated and did not have any of the apps for any of the websites.

But I am back now, and writing again.

Stay tuned for things that will be coming in in the near future.

Monday, 9 February 2015

Pucked Review

Pucked by Rachel Walter

Now Available, Pucked, a novel that takes you back to your first love in high school, while gaining an education of what it's like for people who suffer from Parental Alienation. During the first week of release, February 10-17, all sales will be donated to, so please be sure to spread the word around and help out!

Does life get in the way of love or does love get in the way of life?

Riley Silk, captain of the Warrior’s Ice Hockey team at Dalesburg High, doesn’t think life can be lived if love is present.  If there’s two things in life he knows to be true, it’s that love causes pain and hockey is his ticket to a better life.  He’s worked hard to maintain his Frozen Silk reputation in order to stay focused on his duties and goals.

Audrey Jacobs, the Warrior’s number one fan, believes life can’t be lived without love. She can find love and beauty in the muddiest of situations.  Her best friend, Riley, is under a lot of stress at home, so she does her best to brighten his mood whenever she can.

When lines cross and blur, they struggle to keep control of the simplicity their friendship once held.  With Audrey’s outlook on life usually surrounded by light, the growing darkness of her doubts and insecurities threaten to deflect her toward the wrong path. 

Can she find her true self before her world burns around her?  When truths become lies, can Riley find the strength to fight his way through his own personal darkness that clings to his mind and soul?  Can he win this face-off that life has dropped in his zone, or will fate take him out of the game completely?

Who keeps the puck?

**Warning- Several abuse topics are discussed in this story, which includes parental alienation, physical abuse, alcohol abuse, and mild drug abuse.**

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When Dani Morales had asked me if I would read and review Pucked by Rachel Walter for this book blitz, I was thrilled! I love the work of Rachel Walter, so me jumping into this blitz was something that I was more than will to participate in.
If you've read any of Rachel's other work, this novel may not be up your alley. If you're like me and can read several different genre of books, I would suggest you pick up a copy of Pucked. It's not a paranormal/fantasy novel, but it is a novel that I think a lot of us can relate to.
I may not know how Rachel's brain works most of the time, but I know that when it comes to her writing style, you should always have a box of tissue within reach. Pucked was no different. Even with Rachel talking about the genre I knew that I would need at least two boxes.
Parental Alienation. Something that I didn't really think about until Rachel had mentioned that she was working on a novel that involved it. Being a writer, I wanted to know more about what it was so I went to the interwebs and did a little bit of research. And I have to say that this is some pretty serious stuff. Rachel may have only touched down on what some kids actually go through, but it was enough to open my eyes. I applaud Rachel for taking the step and writing about something that has such a huge affect on so many children and teens.
I don't know how Rachel does it, but when I start to read her words I cannot stop myself. I cannot seem to find the time to do anything else with my day because I'm either still reading her writing, or thinking about the novel. It's like she consumes my attention every time to writes something down.
When I started reading Pucked for the first time, I was not in the right frame of mind for it, and actually had to put it down. But this past week, I've read it about three times and it gets me to every time.
Tears of joy. Bubbling laughter. Snorts.
Tears of pain. Clawing at my chest, trying to breathe. So much hurt.

Pucked is a roller coaster of emotion, thrown into book form. If you're not ready for it, it will smack you upside the head and make you feel things that you never thought you would feel. You'll laugh with the characters. You'll cry when they feel pain. And you'll scream at them for being idiots. It's everything I could want in a book, and more.

About Rachel Walter

Rachel is a wife and mother from Central Pennsylvania. Her favorite season is fall, for hockey, changing leaves, pumpkin everything, and bonfires often. She’s also a coffeenista with an insomnia problem. When Rachel isn’t playing with the people inside her head, making her family believe she belongs in the loony bin, she enjoys spending time with her family, friends, species confused cat (he believes he’s part dog, love him), and finding new books and music.

Regarding writing, her first love is Young Adult Paranormal, but she’s venturing outside of her comfort zone and opening up to writing more genres. Be on the look out!
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Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Cover Reveal!!! PUCKED

Pucked Cover Reveal!

 Available this February, Rachel Walter is releasing her YA Contemporary Romance, Pucked. A novel that takes you back to your first love in high school, while gaining an education of what it's like for people who suffer from Parental Alienation. Today we are revealing this amazing cover designed by Regina Wamba of Mae I Design and Photography be on the look out for this book!


Does life get in the way of love or does love get in the way of life?

Riley Silk doesn’t know the answer to this.  He loves.  He lives.  But he can’t figure out how to merge the two together.
Audrey Jacobs doesn’t believe there is an answer to the love versus life debate.  She believes life can’t be lived without love.  But even she has difficulties with how to access her own feelings.
Riley and Audrey have been friends for years, best friends.  But lines cross and blur.  Their functional relationship turns into an unconventional mess, and they both want to fix it, to go back to the way things were.
Stress, memories, and heartache thrash them both into different directions.  Can Riley cope with everything’s that happened?  Can Audrey overcome her insecurities? 

Who keeps the puck?  

**Trigger warning- abuse topics - Parental Alienation. Mild - alcohol abuse and drug abuse **
Release Date: February 2015  

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About Rachel Walter

Rachel is a wife and mother from Central Pennsylvania. Her favorite season is fall, for hockey, changing leaves, pumpkin everything, and bonfires often. She’s also a coffeenista with an insomnia problem. When Rachel isn’t playing with the people inside her head, making her family believe she belongs in the loony bin, she enjoys spending time with her family, friends, species confused cat (he believes he’s part dog, love him), and finding new books and music.

Regarding writing, her first love is Young Adult Paranormal, but she’s venturing outside of her comfort zone and opening up to writing more genres. Be on the look out!
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Thursday, 18 December 2014

You're never alone.

I know by posting this particular blog post, I'm just repeating what has already been said in the past, by many others. But I personally believe that it is a topic that needs to be thrown in the face of society every so often, just to reopen our eyes.

Bullying. It's all around us. Even when we think it's not.

It's a topic that I, like many others, try to shy away from but ultimately it's always brought to the light. Yes, I try to shy away from the topic of bullying, because it brings back so many horrible memories. But with these memories, and experience, I can honestly say that I lived through the worst of my life.

Before I really get into this post, I want to share my story.

My name is Christopher Thomas Chapman. I am a deli clerk at a safeway/sobeys (a grocery store), and a writer. I am a son, a brother, a friend. I'm also gay.

Being gay doesn't define me. I am all of these things, and then I am gay. I'm not a gay deli clerk, a gay writer, a gay son/brother/friend. I am all of these things, and then I'm gay.

At the age of sixteen, I finally stopped lying to myself and came out as a homosexual. Now growing up in a small town, this spread like wildfire.

"Did you hear? The Chapman boy is gay."

I couldn't walk down the halls at school, without several people yelling out 'Fag' 'Homo' 'Queer'. I walked with my head held high, not showing the hurt or pain that it caused. But really, it did hurt. People I grew up with, were now turning their backs on me because they didn't want to be taunted for hanging out with the 'Queer'.

I found myself falling into a very dark place. A place that no one should ever find themselves.

I turned to writing. Poetry. And it was very dark.

I've recently taken my experience with that darkness and I've decided to write a novel. A novel that has the characters face real problems, as well as fantasy problems.

Thankfully, even though I had dropped out of school, I had friends who were always there. Even when I didn't know that they were. They went out of their way to make sure that I had some good days.

What I guess I'm trying to say is that even when you think that you're alone, your not. You're not even close to being alone. I know people say that 'It gets better' once you make it through the teen years, but how does that help us now? The only way we're going to make sure that it does get better, and that it gets better quickly is if we all take the stand. Stand up for your fellow peers. Show them that they are not alone!

I'm thankful for the friends that I did have in school, because they stood there beside me the whole time. They never left my side. If you're not the one being bullied, don't be just a bystander. Be the friend who is there. And if you are the one being bullied, talk about it.

There's no shame in talking about it. There are plenty of people who will listen. Guidance Counselors, teachers, friends, me. If you think that you have nobody who will listen to you, I will. I may not be in your shoes now, but I have been in the shoes of the bullied.

They say change doesn't happen over night, and that's true. But change does happen with just one person.

If you've managed to sit here and read through all of this, please share it. I know that the grammar is probably really bad, but that's not the point. The point is to get the message across, that we are not alone.

Let people know that you're there for them if they need someone, or that you need someone to be there for you. We can get through this. Maybe not today, or tomorrow, but some day.

Tuesday, 18 November 2014

The Eternal Cover Reveal

A note from the author:

Thank you for helping me celebrate the release of the cover to the third and final installment of the Mythology YA series! I’ve had such an amazing publishing journey with these books, and I’m forever grateful to fans both old and new who have supported me along the way.

Such exciting things are afoot with this series. It was optioned out by Off the Grid Entertainment for potential movie/TV production earlier this year, and starting in 2015, I’ll be writing the start to the Mythology Adult series! Hopefully you’ll stay tuned to my website for future developments!

With my ETERNAL love and gratitude,
Helen Boswell

And now, the cover….


AUTHOR: Helen Boswell

GENRE: Young Adult, Urban Fantasy/Paranormal

Coming: Winter 2014


Self-preservation, above all. That’s the credo by which guardian Jonathan Draper justifies his existence. Or at least it was until he found Hope Gentry. Backed by the powers of his beloved Hope and his most loyal guardian Raleigh Peyton, Jonathan should have enough influence to save his sector from destruction. But Buffalo is plagued by guardian unrest and increasing threats from the city’s most evil entities, and Jonathan is stripped of all authority.

Never harm a soul. That’s the credo by which the members of the demon alliance live. Micah Condie has trouble fitting in, and it doesn’t help that he has enough power to set anyone he touches on fire. He can’t return home until he cancels out the debt he owes the most powerful immortals. But when he uncovers an eighteen-year old secret that rocks the foundation of his existence, Micah has no choice but to go back home. Now not only must he placate the immortals, but he must face an uncertain future with his girlfriend Hope Gentry, reconcile with the family he abandoned, and finally settle the score with Jonathan Draper.

Someone is masterminding a plot to destroy all of the guardians and human souls in existence. Only if Jonathan and his most unlikely ally, Micah, can join forces will they be able to save them.

The fate of all depends on the will of one: THE ETERNAL.

MYTHOLOGY (Mythology #1) and THE WICKED (Mythology #2) are now available on Read for free with the KindleUnlimited Program.

Buy MYTHOLOGY for $1.99 on Kindle:

Buy THE WICKED for $2.99 on Kindle:

About the Author:

Helen Boswell credits her dad, an avid fiction reader, with encouraging her to read ALL OF THE BOOKS on his shelves from the time she was a teenager. Originally from upstate New York, Helen spent much of her early adult life tromping around in Buffalo, NYC, Toronto, and Las Vegas, those cities now serving as inspiration for the dark and gritty backdrops of her stories. She is the author of YA urban fantasies MYTHOLOGY, THE WICKED, and THE ETERNAL (coming Winter 2014), and NA contemporary romance LOSING ENOUGH (GOING FOR BROKE; coming Spring 2015). 

Website    |    Twitter    |     Facebook    |     Tumblr    |     Instagram    |    Pinterest 

Monday, 13 October 2014

Between the Stars and Sky Blog Tour

BETWEEN THE STARS AND SKY is a vivid contemporary novel from Young Adult author David James.  Lyrical and romantic, BETWEEN THE STARS AND SKY is a heart-stopping, contemporary read for fans of Maggie Stiefvater and David Levithan. 

SYNOPSIS: "In the small, lakeside town of Huntington, the Firelight Festival marks the end of summer. A time to laugh, to live, to love. And for Jackson Grant, it is a chance to begin again. 

 But there is a darker side to the Firelight Festival, a deadly tradition known as the Firelight Fall. A secret game. A legendary lie. A test of bravery. Those who fall risk everything, and Jackson is on the edge. Until he meets a girl who pushes him over. 

 For Jackson, falling for Sarah Blake might be as dangerous as jumping in the Firelight Fall. As summer burns away, Jackson and Sarah ignite an unstoppable love game. For her, his heart is on fire. And soon, Sarah shows him life, saves him from loss, and opens his heart to an infinite and wild love found between the stars and sky."

Amazon | Barnes&Noble | Kobo


David James writes books about stars and kisses and curses. He is the author of the YA novel, LIGHT OF THE MOON, the first book in the Legend of the Dreamer duet, as well as the companion novellas, THE WITCH'S CURSE and THE WARRIOR’S CODE. A Legend of the Dreamer anthology, SHADES OF THE STARS, was released July 2013, and includes the exclusive novella, THE ENCHANTER'S FIRE. The final book in the duet, SHADOW OF THE SUN, will be released in 2015. Living in Michigan, he is addicted to coffee, gummy things, and sarcastic comments. David enjoys bad movies, goofy moments, and shivery nights. Visit David’s blog at and facebook at to learn more about his novels.

A novel of poetry, strung together beautifully to pull at the strings of your heart. 

The moment that I finished reading this novel, I had died. Or at least it felt like I did.
I could only see the picture that David painted in my imagination,
I could only breathe the words that he had written.
It's like I was living in the world that he had created, standing there, an innocent bystander. A wallflower, watching the story unravel before my very eyes. And I couldn't look away. I wouldn't look away. 

Between the Stars and Sky is a novel that everyone has to read. Everyone needs to experience the beauty of this story. 
Beauty is all around us, we just need to open our eyes to see it. It seems David did just that, and then decided to put it to words. This story shows you the beauty in simple things, things that we tend to overlook. 

David may write about stars, curses, and kisses. But now he also writes about star-filled eyes, losing/finding love, and underwear. 
It's not often you find an author of the YA genre who is able to write well in the contemporary, David has shown us that he is a man of many talents.
For his first contemporary novel, it was, breathtaking!  

This story will not only open your eyes, but your heart as well.  

During Between the Stars and Sky blog tour, David has decided to book his novel on sale! Go pick up your copy today!


Thursday, 2 October 2014

Deja Vu

I know that we all have that author that we will always stand behind when it comes to their writing, and I have to say that Dani Morales is near the top of that list for me. If you haven't had the chance to read any of her work, I think that you should go out now and at least look them up. She has a way of telling a story that hooks you early, and keeps you wanting more by the end of the night.

But before I get into my review for Deja Vu, the novella by the talented Dani Morales. Lets get to know the author a bit with her Bio.

Author Bio

Dani Morales is a native Texan currently residing in Las Vegas, Nevada with her three boys and her mother.  She adopted the boys in December of 2011 and loves spending every minute playing with them. On her spare time you can find a book in her hand or sitting in front of the computer typing out stories that run rampant in her mind. Her debut novel Entrelacen was released April 2013.

Now that we have a sense of who Dani Morales is, let's get on with what this novella is about!

Amy Preston: Famous graphic designer.

That's Amy's goal. To be known for her talent. For now, Amy is a college student trying to finish her degree and make the right decisions to accomplish her goal.

When a chance meeting with Lubbock's royalty, Marcus Tyler, lands her in an exclusive club, she realizes it's the opportunity of a lifetime.

But not everything Amy is offered will lead her to her dreams. If she's not careful with her choices, not only will she lose the chance at her biggest break. She could lose something she never dreamed she needed.

If it has already peaked your interest, you can purchase a copy here!
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If the synopsis did not do it for you, maybe this will! 
A few blocks down by campus, there’s a Starbucks. I practically live here during finals week, and I pull Jill inside so we can grab a Double Chocolate Chip Frappuccino. We get comfy on the couch by the window so we can people watch. It’s one of my favorite games, and Jill cracks up when I peg their drinks by their looks. It’s a little judgmental, but it’s all in good spirit. I mean it’s not like I say he’s getting a Chai Latte because he’s gay, or that she’s getting a Skinny Non-fat Vanilla Frappuccino with no whip cream because she’s fat. It’s more like I can see the person behind their clothes and accessories. It’s a gift my art professors raved about throughout school.

“What is tall, dark, and brooding getting, Ames?” Jill’s voice holds a challenge.

I examine the guy. He’s definitely tall, probably around 6’2’’ with black hair. The skin I can see is tanned, and he’s wearing some dark washed blue jeans with a light blue button up. Preppy but not overly so. I would peg him as either a business or architect major, and I start going through a list of possible drinks in my head.

“You better hurry, Ames. He’s getting ready to order.” She laughs at the length it’s taken me to decide on a drink for him.

“He’s going to get a Venti Café Americano with a double shot, no cream,” I say as he approaches the counter.

Pulling out my phone, I see that I have a few missed calls from my dad, and I make a mental note to call him back. I open up the browser to search for places to take Jill out tonight. It needs to be out of the way of campus so we don’t run into the jerk and his new girl, but close enough if we have to walk home.
“Can I get a Venti Café Americano with a double shot,” a smooth, deep voice echoes around the shop.
I look up to see every girl looking toward the back of the store where the guy just ordered what I predicted. Something about his voice draws my attention to his back, like I want to examine him further.

“Told you, Jill,” I say through a smile as I look over at her and away from him.

“You sure you’re not psychic?” She locks eyes with me and then they flicker away to only widen.

“What? Don’t tell me Stephen is here with that girl, Jill. I will personally take him out of the store and beat him senseless.” I get ready to turn around when a chuckle has me frozen in my chair.

“Do you ladies mind if I join you?” It’s the voice from the guy who just ordered.

Jill shakes her head no and gestures with her hand for him to take a seat. I stare daggers at her, but she just shrugs at me. Resting back into my chair, I continue the search for the right club, but can’t come up with anything that would guarantee a Stephen-free night.

“Marcus!” the barrista calls.

I look up to see the guy next to us eye me as he rises to fetch his coffee. Turning my attention to Jill, I see her study his ass and grin. She obviously likes what she sees.

“No creamer right?” I lean over and whisper at her.

“None. He’s coming back this way though.” Smiling at me, her eyes shimmer.

“What, why?” I let out.

“Why what?” Marcus asks as he sits down in the chair opposite me.

“Nothing.” I reply like I’m annoyed at his intrusion. He just shrugs it off like it’s not a big deal, and I decide to ignore him.

“So, I think we’re going to need to get ourselves a DD so we can go out tonight, Jill.” I smile at her.

“Come on, Ames. I don’t want to run into him,” she pleads with me.

“I know. I’ve been looking at clubs further out, which is why we would need a sober driver to accompany us.”

“I don’t mean to include myself in this conversation, but why don’t you just go to the new club that opens tonight. Déjà vu is on the corner of Main and Avenue X, so it’s close to the campus,” Marcus offers with a smile.

“No offense, but if it’s new, it’s a sure thing that her ex,” I point at Jill, “will be there, and the point of the night is to have fun.”

“Well, I have it on good authority to say that the only people getting into the club are ones with their names on the list.”

His smirk graces his face and it pulls my attention to examine him. Gorgeous set of lips that I could get lost in kissing, a nose that’s slightly crooked from being broken, and when my eyes make their way to his, a blue that’s not entirely blue. They have specks of green and yellow floating around and glinting off the light in the coffee shop. My train of thought goes fuzzy for a second, and I look away from him by grabbing my drink off the table while I try and process why all of a sudden I feel the need to wrap my body around his.

“Right, so a VIP list that our names wouldn’t be on either. How does that help?” The words fly out of my mouth. I tend to speak fast when I’m nervous.

“I can get you on the list,” Marcus says in a way that makes me rethink wrapping my body around his.

Hopefully the Excerpt helped you make the decision to purchase a copy of Deja Vu!

Now onto my review!
When I first found out what this novella was about I thought to myself, I wonder how Dani is going to make it her own. There's hardly any original ideas anymore, it's all about how we throw it all together, and that's why I wanted to know what Dani would do. To take a concept that has been done over and over again, but that never seems to get old.
While I was reading, each word, sentence, paragraph, made me want more. The way that Dani writes is so beautiful, you can't help but want more, even when the story is finished.

This story could have easily been made into a full length novel, and possibly a series, but Dani decided to go a different path. Choosing to write novella is never an easy decision. Needed to keep things short and simple, and always getting to the point. I think Dani made the right decision to make this story a novella because it was just that. Short and Simple. Beautiful and Elegant. And even though it made me want more when the story was finished, it left me satisfied.

The characters are believable. They're all slightly crazy in their own way, which makes sense, because we all are, aren't we? They're people that you see on the street, or in the club. People that you see everyday. And that is something that I really look for in a story, if the characters don't seem real the story just feels off. Well this story did not feel off at all! It had a little bit of everything. Making me laugh out loud on more than one occasion.

Deja Vu, a novella by Dani Morales. A novella that will leave you wanting more. I personally believe that you will not be satisfied with life unless you find that one story. This is one of those stories!

If someone told me a couple years ago that I would enjoy a romance story, I would have laughed in their face (original right?), but then I read Deja Vu. It's going to be hard to top it! 

If you'd like to get to know Dani a little bit more, you can stalk her in a few places. These are the places! 

Stalk Dani

Before you leave, be sure to enter the giveaway that Dani has going on!