Christopher T. Chapman 

 Westville, Nova Scotia. A very small town in the Northern Mainland of the beautiful province of Nova Scotia. In that small town is where I spent my whole childhood and teen years.

Growing up in the lower class, not having everything that I wanted, but having everything that I needed. I had the essentials, and that was good enough for me. While everyone around me had brand name clothing, I was content with the Walmart brand that we could afford.

Moving out of my parents place at the age of seventeen, I had obtained a full time job to support myself. I believe that having a full time job at the age of sixteen, and moving out a year later made me grow up quicker than my peers. I had to have a sense of what I was spending, and what I was putting away. Because I was living on my own, I had to choose between two things. Those two things were having a roof over my head, or an education. And even though I regret not finishing school, I know that I can always go back to finish it when I want to.

At the age of twenty, I dropped everything I had going for me, which wasn't all that much. No education, and working a dead end job at my families pizzeria. I packed up my bags and moved out to the beautiful city of Calgary, Alberta. I had a friend from school move out here with her family, so I wasn't completely alone.

After spending a year out here, I had gotten home sick that I decided to move back to Nova Scotia. Worst move of my life, because it put me right back into the cycle of working far too many hours, for very little pay. Finally coming to my senses, I moved back to Calgary and found myself doing what I love to do.

I enjoy working with food. So I've been in several kitchens here in the city. Trying to find one that works well with me. While working full time to pay my bills, I try to find the time to write my own novel.
I grew up with a love for books, and it wasn't until an ex (partner at the time) really pushed me into writing one.

So here I am. A twenty-four year old country boy, living in a big city, following his dreams.

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