Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Teaser Tuesday

I've finally come up with a name for my novel, with the help of the wonderful Rachel Walter. I was freaking out a couple weeks ago because I had come to realize that I didn't have a title, just a series name. So, the title of my novel will be Provoke The Darkness. Book One of the Grave Marked series.

So on to the teaser.

When people are writing their stories, they always imagine what their characters look like, thankfully, one of my main characters in PTD was pictured like a girl I went to school with.

               "There are things about my life, that you'll never understand" she yells at me, wiping the tears from her face. This is the first time that I have ever seen Maddie cry, and it breaks my heart.
                "Then why not share them with me now," I state, hurt that she's been holding something back from me, "what have you got to lose, you're already dead." I kick myself in the ass, as the words come from my mouth. I look to the ground, ashamed that I've stooped so low as to say something like that to my best friend. My hands start to shake, and the air around me grows cold. I shiver. "I'm sorry, Maddie" I look up, but she's already gone.

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