Monday, 8 April 2013

Snippet of GM, like I promised.

Ever since that day I woke up from a coma, after finding out that my best friend killed herself, I have taken things a little slower. I stop and appreciate the beauty around me.
 I make my way down to this specific spot, there's nothing special about to place for anyone else, but for me, it holds everything. Never would I want to sit in any one place for so long if it didn't have to, but I could sit here for hours and still not want to leave. Time seems to slow down when I'm here, it's like they don't want me to leave. They don't have that much company anymore, not after what's happened to them. Some get visitors once a year, most of them, less than that. I bring them peace and comfort.
I sit in silence, feeling the earth beneath me, listening to the whisper of the wind. Feeling safe.
“Ethan,” an elderly looking woman whispers my name, “what are you doing here, you shouldn't be here!” her voice not only getting louder but has fear in it. “You need to leave! You need to leave before it's too late!” she yells at me, while motioning her hands as if shooing a cat.
All I can do it just sit there and look at her. I've never seen her before but it doesn't surprise me that she knows my name. What surprises me is the warning she is giving me. What does she mean?
“I don't understand,” I whisper, not trusting my voice to go any louder, “why are you trying to make me leave, and what is this warning you are giving me?” Hoping that she can hear me, being so old and what not.
“I can hear perfectly fine!” the woman yells at me. I feel her glare as I look down at the ground, feeling ashamed. She could hear my thoughts, no one else here could. Who is this crazy woman! “What's going on?” I ask firmly, standing up so she's not looking down on me, “ why is it that you can hear my thoughts?
“It's too late to explain that now.” she says as she turns around and vanishes.
The ground beneath my feet starts to shake, I stumble to grab a hold of Maddies headstone. What is happening, I hear the voice inside my head say. We don't get earthquakes here in Calgary.


  1. OOOH!! I seriously cannot wait until you finish this! Its gonna be soo good!