Friday, 1 March 2013

BRT Teaser.

Two teens. Two stories. One ending.

Alexander William-a normal sixteen year old boy, or so he thought he were normal. Changes are beginning to happen, and he puts it off as puberty, but it's something much more.  After finding some interesting news about the woman he used to call his mother. He does something unforgivable. The only way to get away from everything is to runaway and live on the streets of a different town.

Chloe Adams-the daughter of the pack alpha located in the city of Calgary. She's found love. She's fallen hard for one of the lone wolves that live on the outskirts of Calgary, and her father does not approve at all. After finding out what her father has done, she turns her back on the pack and runs away.

She's running away from her family, while he's running to find his.

Blood Runs Thicker.
    Christopher T. Chapman

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